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Islamic Wedding Invitation

Islamic Wedding Invitation

Islamic Wedding Invitation Cards: Elegant And Heartwarming!

Islamic Wedding Invitation

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Weddings are joyful occasions that are celebrated with much anticipation and excitement. They are memorable events that stay in our hearts forever! Muslim weddings in particular are beautifully hosted giving importance to cultural values and traditions. Wedding cards are sent out to the friends and family of the bride and groom months before the actual event. Some people print separate cards for the ‘Valeema’ function held after the wedding. The invitation contains all the information that include the names of the bride, groom and family members, venue, date, etc.

The Islamic wedding card comes in bright colors that range from red to hue, green to blue, etc. On top of the cards, verses from the holy Quran are also imprinted. In addition to the colors, various designs are also engraved on the wedding cards. Some of the common designs used in Islamic wedding invitation cards include peacock feathers, domes, heart, leaves, etc. To top it up, beads, stones, satin ribbons and other decorative items are also included.

Islamic Wedding Cards: Available In Beautiful Colors and Patterns!

Stylish and elegant cards are preferred by many as they symbolize the rich tradition of the families. The cards are printed on satin, velvet, handmade and metallic papers. In addition to this, most of the Islamic wedding cards come with Afghani and Mughali designs that add a richness to the card. Special cards are also available online and you can find the best one that will suit the theme of your wedding. Paisley patterns and scroll cards take the front row when it comes to wedding cards as they symbolize pure elegance.

Islamic Wedding Invitation Cards

Islamic Wedding Invitation Cards | Image Resource :

Most of the families opt for traditional designs as the invitation will be sent to the elders of the community. Traditional designs include the symbol of moon and verses from the holy Quran. When it comes to choosing cards, there is nothing to fret and frown as there are many sites online that offer a plethora of designs and patterns. Islamic wedding invitation cards are readily available online and you can choose the one of your choice without leaving your comfort zone.

Important Tips To Remember When Choosing Islamic Wedding Cards

Finding the best store online is not a daunting task as there are many good sites to choose from. These stores come with a plethora of designs and colors to choose from. Earlier, people used to opt for traditional patterns as they were left with no choice due to the lack of designs and varieties. There are many stores that sell only Islamic wedding cards for the sole convenience of clients. If you are planning to have your own design for the wedding, there are options available for that too.
Certain sites allow you to pick the card of your choice and design it to suit your taste. You can get in touch with the experts in the field, share your ideas and get the desired outcome. It is also one of the best ways to cut down costs as some cards are way too expensive and cannot be afforded by those hosting weddings on a limited budget. By checking out the various online sites, you can get a clear picture on the various trends and designs available.