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Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

The Special Features You Will Find Only In Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings


Indian Wedding Invitation Wordings

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Indian weddings are mostly full of various social and religious rituals, which are needed to be done perfectly for acquiring blessings of the Gods for the new couples. The new couples also seek blessings of all their elders and the well wishes of the friends and relatives, all of which should be cordially invited many days before the wedding date.

Care should be taken to choose the Indian wedding invitation wordings!

The wedding invitation cards should be printed accordingly and sent to all the guests, as a sign of honor to them on behalf of the new couples. Hence, the tone of respect should be present in the Indian wedding invitation wordings, as the heartiest requests are made for inviting them, to come and join the wedding celebrations, along with the families of the brides and grooms.

All the details of both the bride and the groom should be mentioned in the card, including both of their parentage and addresses. Sometimes, bit information about their ancestral root may be mentioned, if it is worth to be informed in the wedding card. Usually, these wedding invitation cards are sent on behalf of the eldest member of the family, as per the Indian tradition of showing maximum respect to the elders.

Lastly, the address of the wedding venue should be mentioned at the end of the Indian wedding Cards wordings, with proper directions and landmarks; so that the guests will not have any hassle in finding the exact place, even if it is completely unknown to them. The date and time of the wedding should be mentioned clearly as well. In some cards, the dates and times of various pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals are also mentioned, so that the guests can join in the celebrations.

Religious touch in the Indian wedding Cards wordings

As most of the Indians are God-fearing people, the Indian wedding invitation wordings always start with any phrase from the religious books, according to the religion of the new couple. This phrase should be categorically for worshipping the God, whom the couple and their families are devotees of.