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Buy Gold Nanoparticles

All You Need To Know About Gold Nanoparticles

Gold Nanoparticles

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Modern science is today researching gold nanoparticles for the exceptional optical and electrical properties that the compound displays. However, colloidal gold (suspension of gold nanoparticles in organic solvents like water) has been used by artists for hundreds of years because of the vibrant colors.

Gold nanoparticles have remarkable properties and are subject of numerous research papers currently. In the near future they could play an essential role in electron microscopy and electronics. It must be mentioned that there are a few different methods of synthesizing these nanoparticles and the properties of the final product depend on the way it was produced.

Interesting properties of gold nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles have interesting optical and electrical properties that are the main reason industries want to buy gold nanoparticles. Due to their extreme small size these nanoparticles upon interaction with visible light can produce a rich red color. When the size of individual particles is increased the color shifts to a more bluish shade.

Another exciting fact about such colloidal solutions is that when excess salts are added, the color can change from red to blue. This happens because the nanoparticles aggregate and the way they interact with light changes. Nanotechnology is still undergoing a lot of research and we are yet to fully understand all the applications it may have.

Why people want to buy gold nanoparticles?

It has already been mentioned that gold nanoparticles are widely used as markers for antigens in electronic microscopy by biologists. Research is also ongoing that would facilitate the way drugs are currently delivered to diseased organs. Current methods of tumor detection have their shortcomings anduse of gold nanoparticlesfor detection is also being researched.

Other applications include intracellular delivery using the nanoparticles in gene therapy and as an enhancer for radiotherapy doses. Gold nanoparticles might also be useful to detect toxic gases like hydrogen sulfide.